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A six week, fifteen session film making residency at High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn where over 60 students are exposed through a hands on approach to the three stages of film production and mentored by young professionals working in the field.  The films created during this residency were screened at two public viewings, the first at a cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn in October 2013 and the second at BRIC in Downtown Brooklyn in June 2014.  





I had no experiences filmmaking prior to this workshop, but I am interested in continuing to create films, especially in learning about the editing process.
— Director, "The Prom"
The guest teaching artists were divine. They were so elegant and helpful. A few volunteered to be extras in our film. Throughout the process, one gave us tips on lighting, another on shots, and another on cinematography.
— Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 Participant
This residency helped to deepen the appreciation and respect I have for filmmaking- like how easy it looks versus how it actually is.
— Spring 2014 Participant
It was memorable working with the guest teaching artists because not only did they teach us how to use the camera, but they were supportive and open to our ideas. Also, they were funny.
— Actor, "The Heist"
I loved working with the guest teaching artists, and they were helpful, especially when putting our stories together.
— Spring 2014 Participant
I learned how to use lighting to portray a scene.
— Spring 2014 Participant
I am interested in creating films and being in them. I believe that filming is a very fun experience, and it can teach you to create the character you want to be.
— Spring 2014 Participant
This residency made me feel like I could accomplish whatever I want to if I set my mind to it, because of the work we put into it.
— Actress, "The Overdose"
All of the teaching artists who helped us were very educated in film, and they helped us become more creative and expand our minds.
— Spring 2014 Participant
I liked how teaching artists Nasrene and Nick were especially connected with us as students. They seemed very engaged in helping us with the film production process, such as editing with iMovie and working with camera angles.
— Spring 2014 Participant
What was memorable? Seeing Cody in that huge wig while filming was just too funny.
— Cameraman, "The Druggy Professor"

This program is made possible with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered in Kings County by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

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