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An immersive multimedia experience featuring original music and visual art exploring themes including the LGBTQ community, pollution/global warming, current politics, love and loss, women's rights, original music, rad dance moves, and recycled art sets/costumes/installation pieces.


AMPLIFY at 100 Bogart
100 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

$12 in advance | $15 at the door



Caroli Narasco, Performer
Charles Engelsgjerd, Featured Performer
Cullen Shirtz, Dancer
Emily Carroo, Choreographer & Featured Performer
Kodi Lynn, Creator
Makayla Benedict, Featured Performer
Melissa Kruger, Living Fine Art Piece
Terra Warman, Musical Director
Whitney Hickman, Dancer
Zoey Michaels, Performer



“I've always thought the journey of an artist was very similar to that of a butterfly. It starts as an egg, a thought, an idea and pops out like the very hungry caterpillar waiting to feed on exotic foods and knowledge. Soon it’s mind and body expands into a fully realized creature. The caterpillar seems to have it all, but a primordial instinct pushes it past the horizon to the otherside. Soon the caterpillar locks itself away in a stain glass chrysalis and perfects it's craft. Once the butterfly emerges, artistry pours out of every fiber of its being and manifests as wings. Something so beautiful that not even the president of the United States can take it away. The butterfly's wings expand over miles of space and time, and even when it is lost the memories of what was created continues to inspire others. See, First there is a discovery of self. Then, there is a discovery of art. Chrysalis is a multimedia immersive event designed to reflect life and its many mysterious twists and turns metaphorically through the lifecycle of a butterfly. It's a choose your own adventure focused on love, artistry, and awareness of the world around you. The show features the underground theater world’s up and coming vocalists, writers, dancers, musicians, actors, visual artists and more!”  - Kodi Lynn



Kodi Lynn is a down to earth Nebraska native.  She moved to the city for a two year conservatory program at the New York Film Academy. During her time studying musical theater at NYFA, she sang at 54 below in Ewalt and Walkers' “The Making of Madeleine Moore”, belted in NYFA’s production of “Chess”, and worked with Bobby Cronin and Crystal Skillman on a musical adaption of the claymation film “Mary and Max.” Before leaving school she wrote a dance on film script called “Could you Dance in my Shoes” that was brought to its feet and directed by Deidre Goodwin. After graduating the program Kodi pursued many different avenues of the art world. She has been the assistant director for two readings at the New York Film Academy and a short film entitled “Je l’aime a Mourir.” She is currently working costumes on a production of “Urinetown” and will be attending the Manhattan Film Festival to see a film she appeared in called “Seeking Alice.” Kodi is absolutely ecstatic about her show moving forward, and she hopes it is the first of many. 

Makayla Benedict
Featured Performer

Makayla Benedict is a singer, actor, and chinchilla enthusiast based in New York City. Makayla is an alum of the New York Film Academy's Musical Theatre Conservatory. Her New York credits include, The Twenty Fifth Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Pump n Go, and she just wrapped set on the new movie musical Plus One directed by T.J Mannix.


Charles Engelsgjerd is a singer, actor, performer and a fellow graduate of the New York Film Academy. Some of his credits include 13 the musical (Redhouse Theatre), and Junie B. Jones Survival Guide to School (Theatreworks USA). Charles was recently a performer in The Gay No More Telethon: The Apology at the Midtown International Theatre Festival. During the day he spends his time pleasing the canines of NYC as a dog walker. He is very excited to be a part of this production, and would like to dedicate his performance to his late mother Nancy.

Melissa Kruger
Living Art Performer

Melissa Kruger a Brazilian actor, dancer and singer recently graduated from the New York Film Academy Musical Theatre Conservatory. She’s worked with fabulous teachers and directors including Nathan Brewer, Deidre Goodwin, Bobby Cronin, Seth Reich and Johanna Pinzler. She has also been dancing for more than 15 years, with jazz, ballet, modern and LOTS of hip hop in her formation. Besides many concerts and plays in Brazil, here in NYC, Melissa has been a Kit Kat girl in "Cabaret" (and a Gorilla), The Nasty Man in the beautiful play "Eurydice" and Dance Captain in one of her favorites of all times: "Urinetown".

Terra Warman
Musical Director & Performer

Terra Warman is a being landing somewhere on the spectrum of David Bowie and a muppet. She is a composer/lyricist and performing artist. An excerpt of her indie punk song cycle Havoc! A Song Cycle for Six Women Who Give A Fuck was recently produced by the 4thU Artivists as part of their benefit show Body of Women. Terra fronts the band Terra and the Dactyls, and writes rock operas for them. They have performed all over NYC. She’s currently developing an immersive musical epic based on the book Mr. B. Gone by Clive Barker with her writing partner Rachel Chung. Music was premiered at “In the Works” at the Duplex in March. 

This event is part of AMPLIFY at 100 Bogart: 

THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE will take over a ground floor gallery space in Bushwick for three weeks this summer with performances, events, workshops, a visual art exhibit, and open rehearsals from over 25 artists and groups. Learn more about the programming and participating artists here