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Fall 2018 Call for Artists

THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE seeks artists to join in a long term, collaborative project focused on artists elevating immigrant narratives.

Deadline to apply: 
ROLLING THROUGH December 31, 2018


Beginning: January 2019
Performances: Spring 2019

The goal of this project is to produce events and opportunities that elevate the narrative of immigration in America and engage art and activism in an environment that nurtures collaboration and results in meaningful action.

This project has very few elements that are set in stone and will develop over time, together with the participating artists. The intent is to offer a platform for artists to gather, collaborate, and share work as organically as possible.

Project Guidelines for Participating Artists

  • Priority for this project will be given to immigrant artists but we are also interested in connecting with artists closely touched by immigration, be it through relationships, work or life experience, etc.

  • It is crucial that all artists are open to a collaborative process, open to engaging with other artists to develop work, to be presented at the first event in spring 2019

  • Commit to attending at least one of two gatherings per month in Brooklyn where we will discuss and give updates on our process, ask questions, share material, and grow closer as a cohort. Beginning in January 2019.

  • Take part in an interview that we will use footage from to share and promote the project

  • If committed to participate in the project before December 1, we strongly encourage artists to join us at our Gala on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

    • There is also an opportunity to perform/share work at the Gala for all interested artists!

Compensation for Artists

  • We are able to offer space for participating artists to develop work collaboratively. As bi-monthly meetings kick off and collaborations form among participating artists, we will assist with scheduling, location, and other logistics.

  • All artists who commit to the project, within the guidelines above and through the spring event, will receive a $500 artist fee no more than 10 days after the event.

  • For bi-monthly gatherings, we will cover the cost of public transportation ($5.50 per meeting)

Application Process

To join this project, please send an email to with two work samples and some information about why you’re interested in this project, your history and interest in collaborating with other artists (working in the same or different artistic disciplines), and if you can commit to the guidelines above (as well as if you want to be involved but have questions or concerns with any of the guidelines). Please also include if you are an immigrant artist or connecting to this theme in another way as described in the Guidelines section.

We will review applications on a rolling basis through the end of December and aim to respond to artist submissions within 10 days. Priority is given to applications received by December 1, 2018 together with an opportunity to perform at our Gala on December 15, 2018.

Questions? Send us an email to