September 25, 2017


Over the past year, we have spent time re-envisioning our priorities as individuals and as a collective. In our local communities and on a national level, there is collective fear, frustration, and sadness, and from this grew an examination of the role that we play in the greater conversation.

THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE has always supported and amplified artists and creators from different backgrounds, ages, and disciplines, and will remain a platform for voices and visions of diversity and inclusion. That said, we want to dedicate more time toward developing strategies that will help us better understand the issues affecting our community, and from that, we will integrate these findings into how we curate and produce future programming. We will also hold ourselves and the artists in our community accountable to learning about and advocating for these issues, as our goal is to be reflective of the community we serve.

THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE was conceived five years ago with the goal of forming and nurturing a community of creators we could support by providing space and resources toward the process and presentation of their work. We also wanted to make sure that our collective’s programming was accessible and inclusive for all communities across Brooklyn.

As we look toward the next few months through the next five years, our goal is to actively participate in these important conversations as a collective. We recognize our role as a local artistic community and commit to shifting our priorities with the current realities that both our local community and greater communities face.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and ideas and hope that through ongoing conversations and implementation of inspiring and inclusive programming, we are able to uphold our commitment to being a useful and meaningful resource for our community.


Nasrene Haj, Co-Director
Gina Solebello, Co-Director
Haley Robinson, Project Manager
Rourou Ye, Intern

Emily Barbe, Board Member
Chelsea Gillespie, Board Member
Ashley Henry, Board Member
Sophie Pauline, Board Member
Elizabeth Porfido, Board Member